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huatong express 2017 annual work summary and commendation conference-利来w66

editor:admin │ release time:2018-03-14 

the sun is shining and the spring is full. at 14 o'clock on the afternoon of march 11, the company's 2017 annual work summary and commendation meeting was held in huatong building as scheduled. mr. lu jianhong spoke and presided over the meeting: the company provides a platform to provide opportunities, managers who can be unconventional and independent in their work, and the company will cherish and reuse it.

mr. chen, president of the group, made a 2017 work report. this year we are full of harvest and we will work harder in the coming year!

general manager zhang of huatong company spoke: every employee's hard work company will bear in mind that the company's development is inseparable from the contributions of its employees. as long as it is full of confidence and moves in the right direction, huatong's future will be more brilliant. ! the 16 characters of "not forgetting the initial heart, bearing in mind the mission, uniting and struggling, and sharing the huatong" are striking and inspiring every huatong person.

with the joint efforts of the frontline employees, the daily operation of the service area can be smoothly carried out, and the entire company can continue to move forward. through comprehensive considerations, six outstanding employees were selected among the general waiters, and the company's chen deming chen totaled the honorary certificates and bonuses for the winners.

mr. zhang has awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to advanced workers and loyal guards.

mr. chen, president of the group, issued honorary certificates and bonuses for the advanced service areas and best growth service areas.

managers speak on behalf of their service areas. everything starts with the details, so you can do your job better if you pay attention to details.

in the speech of the company's finances, it is emphasized that in the future work of the service area managers and cashiers, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of responsibility, so that each account is clear and well documented.

at the end of the meeting, all the people took a group photo. the future has a long way to go, and team building, system building, and civilized service construction cannot fall. unite and cooperate, give full play to our talents, and create a better and more brilliant future for huatong!