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company profile

jiaxing shuangfeilong (holdings) co., ltd. is located in the yangtze river deltathe hinterland of hangjiahu plain - tongxiang city.jiaxing shuangfeilong (holdings) co., ltd., founded in 1993, is mainl

  • creation time

  • annual revenue

    68 billion yuan
  • total assets

    10 billion yuan

  • jiaxing shuangfeilong (holdings) co., ltd. is located in the yangtze river delta

    the hinterland of hangjiahu plain - tongxiang city.

    jiaxing shuangfeilong (holdings) co., ltd., founded in 1993, is mainly engaged in the production and sales of oxygen-free copper rod series products. after more than 20 years of continuous accumulation and development, it has total assets of 1 billion yuan, and 7 holding and shareholding companies under the group. the industry involves non-ferrous metal casting, highway service area management, real estate development, medical packaging, polymer plastics, glass tempering, import and export trade, etc. in 2015, the total revenue was 6.8 billion yuan.

    the head office attaches great importance to the establishment of the scientific management system, and implements iso9000 quality management system certification, iso14001 environmental management system certification, measurement and testing system certification and standardized management certification for all its subsidiaries, and actively implements 5s and tpm management in daily management. it has laid a solid foundation for quality assurance. over the years, it has been rated as a municipal-level civilized unit, an advanced party-building enterprise, and a contract-honoring and trust-keeping unit by the higher authorities.

  • professional creates value, quality creates brilliant

    looking forward to the future, we will always adhere to the lofty mission of “holding on the industry, benefiting the country and the people's livelihood”, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the company, advocate the core values of “respectable enterprises, welcome partners”, adhere to independent innovation, scientific development and harmonious development. efforts to integrate factor resources, realize vertical integration of industries, and build enterprises into large-scale, differentiated, integrated, intensive and advanced manufacturing enterprises, and give back to the society with an outstanding performance with a more diligent attitude. the revitalization of the industry has made unremitting efforts!


integrity leads to professional and lasting quality

  • 1993

    公the company was founded, formerly known as sino-foreign joint venture township collective enterprise

  • 1998

    implement shareholding system reform, set up trade branches in ningbo and shanghai, and engage in import and export of non-ferrous metals

  • 2004

    involved in investment management of highway service areas and investment in financial projects

  • 2007

    participate in investment real estate development and sales

  • 2009

    participated in holding pharmaceutical packaging, polymer plastics, carton packaging, etc.

professional quality, excellent service.

keep improving and seek truth from facts.

integrity and professionalism, long-lasting quality.

professional creates value and quality creates brilliance.

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